Sunday, April 5, 2009

what goes around comes around

I have know Jayson and Kellisue for some time now. I know evewryone has heard, actions speak louder than words. Jaysons actions are deplorable, out drinking, before Christmas taking his wedding ring off and flaunting it at a bar. The day after Kellisue's disappearance, not showing any feelings whatsoever, in his daughter's school. Telling me that he doesn't want her back he has had a girlfriend. This is a guy who misses his wife, or her paycheck. I am sick of this pity party for Jayson. Poor Jayson. Poor Ashley, what she is mentally going through. We all have only one mother.

Anyone who knows where Frog Hollow is, it's a stones throught from Jayson's house. He could have run home after the car fire, jumped in bed and said he was sleeping. Was he home, only Jayson and his parents know the truth. And uncle Dennis, he lives in that area he doesn't know anything. Someone might better look at the facts, what the heck is going on. I don't feel safe or protected in Futon County.


  1. please do an update,I love what you have here so far!

  2. Would love to talk to you more ...